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J Guitars  has been in business since 2010 and continues to establish a long list of satisfied clients... here's what some have to say...

"Jake changed the strings and set up my strat the same day.  Great guy to work with and clearly a very knowledgeable and talented luthier".
                                              - Wyncote, PA

"Jake you saved my day! Thank you for seeing me on such a short notice. And big thank you for outstanding service. I am pleased to know that there are still artistic and creative people like you out there. And I wish there were more! Glad that I found your business and will continue to come back for all my guitar concerns..."                          - Melrose Park, PA

"I had J Guitars repair a top crack on my Taylor guitar and replace the stock tuners with Gotohs . I have to say my guitar looks and sounds awesome!  The repair is extremely professional and the set up is perfect. The action is great and you can tell extra care was taken into cleaning and polishing the frets and the fret board.  Jake is a master at his craft and very knowledgeable when it comes to everything guitars. He patiently and intelligently answered all my questions and provided additional insight on how guitars are made and the different sounds the various tone woods yield.  He even let me play one of his custom made guitars which sounded great!  His prices are very reasonable and the service and repair work exceptional!  I don't plan on taking my guitar anywhere else! If you're looking to get your guitar(s) serviced professionally, I highly recommend J Guitars Custom Shop.  I also recommend trying out his custom guitars.  You'll be amazed!! "                          - Roxborough, PA

"Jake has worked on both my electric guitars; a set-up on my '93 strat, and fret work & set-up on '75 strat.  Extremely happy with the results and he had my guitars back to me within a couple of days.  Next up is my '92 Takamine acoustic!  Thanks, Jake!"  - Wyncote, PA

"Calling all musicians... checkout J Guitars for all your guitar needs!  Their workmanship is top notch and could not find a better luthier with such great turn around time and honesty!  Their custom guitars are
incredible!"                    -  Bryn Mawr, PA

"Thank you for working on my Old D-28, Strat and SG.  The old girl plays like she never did before.  I'm also quite happy with the action and the new Fishman Matrix Infinity Pickup.  The SG adjustment and set up seems to be fine for my hybrid slide/finger style playing.  It's refreshing to see such optimism in business these days, keep up the good work.. I will highly recommend your work!" 
                                       - King of Prussia, PA

"I recently took my tele thinline to J Guitars to have the pots changed and get the guitar intonated.  I usually feel a little uncertain about leaving an instrument with someone for a few days, but the moment I walked in the shop, I knew that my guitar would be safe.  Jake was friendly, professional, and most importantly, it was evident that he is very passionate about guitars.  Now my tele sounds better than ever.  J Guitars gets my highest recommendation!"         
                                      - Upper Moreland, PA

"Jake did a complete rewire and pickup replacement and full set up on my Les Paul and gave it a new life!!! Very fast service and he keeps you informed on every thing he's doing."    - Abington, PA

"I had J Guitars replace my pickups with two EMG81/85-x as well as the remaining hardware in an Epiphone Les Paul. The staff was easy to talk to and work with and the professionalism is top notch. The job was done fast and i will be going back for any guitar related repairs, five stars!"
                                    - Quakertown, PA

"Just had my 70's 12 String repaired by Jake and could not believe how great it turned out!  He repaired the broken bridge, restored the fretboard, neck, and tuners... it looks and sounds beautiful!  Very knowledgeable and reasonable.   Definitely recommend J Guitars to all musicians!"
                                   - Warrington, PA

"My Fender Strat pick-up died.  Jake diagnosed the problem... order in the parts and fixed my guitar in one day, so I did not have to part with it very long... Jake knows his stuff and he's got a great disposition.  I give him 5 stars!"              
                                  - Wyncote, PA

"J Guitars repaired my Strat and could not be happier with the end product,They did an amazing job on a full set-up and action adjustment.  Thanks so much will be bringing in more guitars for re-working real soon!"
                                - Oreland, PA
"Given your card by another musician and could not be happier I found such a great luthier so local to my area... thanks for getting this done so quickly for my gig!"                         - Abington, PA